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Posted by on May 8, 2015 in Ohio Agricultural History | 0 comments

Timeless Friendships

Timeless Friendships


Childhood friendships can make for some great reminiscing. “I wonder what became of …..” might be a question that comes to mind. Or sometimes, a good friendship will remain intact over the years and you already know what your friend is up to these days.

Three New Vienna area residents, each with an Ohio Century Farm, have maintained a long-standing friendship. Becky Terrell Strafford, John Levo and Bob Carey started first grade together, spent elementary and high school together, and graduated from high school together.


Becky Terrell Strafford, John Levo, and Bob Carey at the New Vienna Lions Club.

John and Kathy Levo registered their 1902 Clinton County farm in 2013. They have helped spur on local interest in the historic farms program in the area. After the couple retired – John from banking and Kathy from education – they worked to develop a commercial blueberry operation with 20 varieties totaling 300 bushes planted. In addition, corn and soybean crops are grown on their 127-acre farm.

Becky and Craig Strafford registered their 1913 Clinton County farm in 2015. They are physicians specializing in women’s wellness and geriatrics. Corn, soybeans and wheat are grown on their 143-acre farm. The couple has made extensive renovations, reusing original building materials whenever possible. Solar panels were recently installed which provide all of the electric power needed in their home.

The Carey Family’s Highland County farm, owned by Bob and Lanasue Carey and Jay and Carol Carey, was registered in 2015. Bob and Jay’s great-great grandfather, Samuel Carey, was the farm’s founder in 1834. The farm is now 113 acres planted in corn and soybeans. Bob has served on the East Clinton Local Board of Education for 28 years. He is a veterinarian, and Lanasue is a teacher. The original Carey home is now owned by Bob and Lanasue’s son, Matthew.


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