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Posted by on Nov 25, 2013 in Ohio Ag Facts | 0 comments

The Owl Creek Produce Auction in Knox County

The Owl Creek Produce Auction in Knox County

The Owl Creek Produce Auction is among the many innovative agricultural initiatives going on in Knox County, Ohio. From the fast-paced singing of the auctioneers to the hustling of buyers pallet-jacking colorful produce onto trucks and buggies, the Owl Creek produce auction in Fredericktown, Ohio is a place of tourism and networking, and above all, a place where Ohio-grown produce can be bought and sold.  This Amish-run produce auction was created in 2006 as a means of bringing buyers and growers under the same roof to meet one another and to put a face behind those items being purchased and cultivated.  Through providing a venue where Amish and English can gather and learn from one another, Owl Creek strengthens the bonds in the surrounding community. Ohio farmers reap the benefits of being able sell their excess product in bulk, while buyers gain a connection to where their food is coming from. Buyers at Owl Creek include large institutions such as the nearby Kenyon College, as well as small cottage industries that produce Ohio Proud value-added products, and also many individuals who are simply purchasing products to cook with at home.  In Addition to produce, Owl Creek also auctions off baked goods and flower baskets.  For more information about the Owl Creek Produce Auction, visit their blog!

Fresh tomatoes, one of the many options available at the Fredericktown Auction

buyers gather around an auctioneer

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