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Posted by on Sep 29, 2015 in The Dirt | 0 comments

The Asian Longhorned Beetle (car) Invades Ohio

The Asian Longhorned Beetle (car) Invades Ohio

If you live in southwest Ohio you might have recently spotted a strange-looking vehicle traversing the streets of the Cincinnati area. That strange-looking vehicle was to raise awarness of the Asian Longhorned Beetle. The Asian Longhorned Beetle is an invasive insect that threatens the health of many species of trees. The pest was first spotted in 2011 in Clermont County and ODA in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Agriculture have been working to eradicate the beetle ever since. Recently, a Volkswagen Beetle specially wrapped to resemble the Asian Longhorned Beetle visited Southwest Ohio for a few weeks to help raise awareness about the bug. The vehicle traveled to different events in the greater Cincinnati area with outreach materials and information available to those curious about the car’s appearance. The following are some photos from the Beetle’s travels, and make sure to check out this blog post from USDA on more about the Beetle’s trip to Ohio.


IMG_0596 reduced file

The Beetle made a stop at the Asian Longhorned Beetle Eradication Program Office, where officials were able to see the vehicle in action.



Program officials conducted interviews with some local TV stations to explain the car and raise awareness of the destructive ALB.


photo (4)

Like the car, the ALB is black with white spots and long antennae. The bug has lots of lookalikes so it’s important citizens know the specific signs for which to look.


photo (5)

Folks looking for more information or to report signs of the ALB can visit

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