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Posted by on Oct 28, 2014 in Ohio Agricultural History | 1 comment

Stechschulte History Flourishes in Putnam County

Stechschulte History Flourishes in Putnam County


Elizabeth Stechschulte Frick recently submitted an Ohio Century Farm registration for her family’s farm in Putnam County. Along with the historic documentation, she included this statement: “Since 1837, the Stechschulte Homestead in Putnam County has provided a variety of life’s essentials. Among these are steers, dairy cattle, chickens, turkeys, pigs, rabbits, corn, soybeans, sugar beets, tomatoes, wheat, oats, and a large number of descendants in the United States (almost 5,000).”

The family’s century farm story started when William Stechschulte emigrated from Germany to Cincinnati and finally settled in Ottawa Township with his wife and four children. Five more children were born to William and his wife on their Ohio farm.

The farm, located in Ottawa and Greensburg Townships passed from father to son over the years: William to Henry, to Henry A., then to Cletus.  Since Cletus passed, the homestead was home for Paul, and after purchasing an acre on which the 1902 home is located, it is now the residence for Allyson Stechschulte Frick Brinkman, her husband Dean, and their two boys.  In 1980, Cletus and Gertrude hosted a Stechschulte Reunion for family visitors from Cologne, Germany and their many U.S. cousins. The family proudly points out that every Stechschulte in the U.S. started at this homestead.

Congratulations to the Stechschulte Family on registering their Ohio Century Farm.

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  1. Im researching the Stechschulte family tree now. I got stuck trying to find what ship and year they came to the US. Love reading article.

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