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Ross County’s Cory Family: 200+ Years Strong

Ross County’s Cory Family: 200+ Years Strong


Joseph Cory and sons, Nathan and Stephen, moved from their native New Jersey, settling in Ohio after excursions into Virginia and Kentucky. Beginning in 1800, Joseph, Nathan, and Stephen purchased a total of 400 acres in the Frankfort area.

Nathan was a Baptist minister, and organized a Baptist Society in his home in 1802. Later he helped construct a log building to be used as a Baptist church. Nathan’s grandsons, William and Oliver, acquired the farm, and they added frame buildings, planted trees, and maintained a large apiary.

The family home, still used today, was built in 1873 for $2,400. William, his wife Lucinda, and their infant son were the first occupants.  Other historic structures standing today are a wood shop built about 1873, and a buggy house, built for $100 in 1878, which is now used as the family’s garage.

The family’s first tractor obtained in the 1930s was a Farmall. In the late 1930s, a home Delco light plant was replaced by REA power. A tornado destroyed their barn in 1938, and was replaced with the current structure.

Today seventh-generation family members Joe and Terri Cory

Joe and Terri Cory - Photo for ODA

own 118 acres of the original purchase.


They raise hay, grain, fruit and vegetables. Their sons, Steve and Grant, are the eighth-generation of the family to carry on the tradition of their Bicentennial Farm.

Steve in Berry Patch - Photo for ODA

Steve Cory

Grant in Berry Patch - Photo for ODA

Grant Cory


Banner Photo: The Cory Farm, c. Jan. 1941


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