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Posted by on Jul 11, 2013 in Featured, Ohio Ag Facts | 0 comments

ODA By The Numbers

ODA By The Numbers

So what exactly goes on at the Ohio Department of Agriculture?  Good question!  The ODA is a regulatory agency focused on protecting Ohio’s citizens by assuring the safety of the state’s food supply.  We care a great deal about the economic prosperity of Ohio’s farmers, food processors, and agribusinesses; as well as the health of Ohio’s plants and animals.   So no, we don’t milk cows or grow corn; but each and every one of us is devoted to supporting those individuals who do.

Our Deputy Director Dr. Sereana Dresbach gathered some statistics to give you an overview of the wide array of things that go on here.

Agriculture contributes $107 billion to the Ohio economy each year, and is the largest industry in the state of Ohio.

There are 21 weeds on our noxious weed list, including Wild Mustard, Poison Hemlock, and Russian Thistle.

There are 120 licensed dairy production facilities in the state of Ohio.

There are 212 fully licensed and 70 custom licensed meat inspections facilities in the state of Ohio.  189 of these plants are federally inspected.

The department staff inspected, licensed, and maintained records on all 3,475 amusement rides and 664 games in the state.

There are 94 county and independent fairs in the state of Ohio.

We  ran 37,170 samples through our Consumer Protection Lab in 2012, and completed a total of 258,144 tests that year.

Currently 489 companies have our Ohio Proud logo.

Our division of Weights & Measures can calibrate temperatures as extreme as -10 to 40°C (14 to 104°F).

Do these numbers mean anything to you?  Keep checking up on our blog for more information about these statistics to come!

Ohio Department of Agriculture (2013), Reynoldsburg, Ohio

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