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Posted by on Oct 23, 2013 in Ohio Ag Facts, The Dirt | 0 comments

No Tricks, Treats Only

No Tricks, Treats Only

Trick or Treat is always an exciting experience for kids and eating those sweet treats collected is a big part of the fun. To prevent a scary experience for you and your little monster, please follow these important food safety reminders:

  • Remind kids not to eat any candy until it has been inspected at home.
  • Trick-or-treaters should eat dinner or a snack before heading out, so they are less tempted to snack on their candy loot before inspection.
  • Tell children not to eat anything that hasn’t been commercially produced, especially from strangers.
  • Once home, all candy should be inspected in a well-lighted area for signs of tampering. Look for things such as wrappers with tears or holes and candy with an unusual appearance or discoloration. Anything that looks odd or out of the ordinary should be tossed.

If you plan to attend or host a Halloween party, keep this tip in mind:

  • Apple cider is a great fall treat, but it should be pasteurized. Look for the warning label to avoid juice that hasn’t been through the process. Most juice carried at your local grocery store has been pasteurized, but look for a label to be sure and ask someone if you have questions.

Halloween can be fun for everyone as long as we remember the tricks…and treats of playing it safe.


Photo Courtesy of Peter Dutton via Flickr

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