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Posted by on Sep 16, 2014 in Ohio Agricultural History | 1 comment

Historic Nowels Farm Serves Up Plenty of History

Historic Nowels Farm Serves Up Plenty of History

The Nowels Ohio Century Farm can trace its origins back to 1875, when founder James Findley purchased land in Holmes County. An important event in history which impacts the farm, however, predates the century farm founding and even predates Ohio statehood. In 1795, the Treaty of Greenville was signed, helping to establish peace between the U.S. and American Indian tribes in the region. This action also served to open up the Ohio frontier for settlement. The treaty drew an imaginary line across the state, and it happens to run through the Nowels Farm. As the Findley-Nowels family settled their land, a farmhouse was built between Paint Creek and present-day County Road 320. After experiencing numerous floods, the family took action in 1900 to roll the house across the creek using logs, to its present location. 1341_001 Fifth-generation owners Keith and Camille Nowels expanded the farm in 1989 to include a second house and barn. Keith was a vocational agriculture teacher for 28 years. He served as advisor for FFA, and won awards at both the state and national levels. He also was instrumental in establishing a local Young Farmers Organization. 1340_001 Today the historic Nowels Century Farm is 162 acres, producing corn and soybeans on a rotation.

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  1. Great post! Beautiful farm and a wonderful place to grow up!

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