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Posted by on Aug 5, 2014 in Ohio Agricultural History | 0 comments

Heroes on an Ohio Century Farm

Heroes on an Ohio Century Farm


Heroes come from all walks of life.

Elaine Berry recently completed an Ohio Century Farm registration for her farm in Jefferson Twp., Logan County. The care and research that went into preparing the registration packet are evident, and the documentation brings some family heroes to light.

Founder John Gwynn started the family farm heritage in 1835 with his wife, Guilielma, and their 11 children. When John died suddenly in August 1851, Guilielma took over the reins and kept the farm going for 40 years after his death.

The farm passed to succeeding generations of the family, eventually transferring to John and Guilielma’s great-great granddaughter, Elaine Berry.

Elaine’s research spotlights three heroes in her family: John Gwynn, her great-great grandfather who worked hard to turn the land into a productive farm; Guilelma, her great-great grandmother who made sure the farm stayed in the family; and Alta Benedict Gwynn Yore, her grandmother, who worked for 35 years to instill her love of the farm into her family.

To Elaine: thank you for sharing your family’s amazing story.

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