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Posted by on Nov 12, 2014 in Ohio Agricultural History | 0 comments

Doyle Farm is Home to Generations of History

Doyle Farm is Home to Generations of History


Jim Doyle asked an interesting question: for his Ohio Century Farm registration, did he have to use the date on his farm’s oldest land parcel or could he use the date from a newer parcel instead? He went on to explain that his father was born in the house located on the newer parcel, and he wanted to pay tribute to him. Would using the newer date work?

Jim’s father, J. Frederick Doyle, M.D., was born in the family home in 1907 on land purchased by the family just a few years earlier. He practiced medicine in South Vienna for 54 years, retiring at age 80. He also cared for the land, earning recognition by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife in 1968 for achievements in wildlife management and recreation.

After reflection, Jim decided to honor all his family members who had settled the farm. That decision led him back in the records to when his great-grandfather, Cornelius Doyle, purchased the farm’s first parcel in Harmony Township, Clark County in 1877. Cornelius had migrated from his native Ireland to escape famine, and to find opportunity in the U.S.

We welcome Jim and Sharon into the Ohio Century Farm program. Their farm is 252 acres used for beef cattle, corn, soybeans, hay, pasture and woods.

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