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Posted by on Jul 20, 2015 in Ohio Agricultural History | 0 comments

Clinton County Farm Recognized as Bicentennial Farm

Clinton County Farm Recognized as Bicentennial Farm


The Doster family was recently recognized at the Clinton County Fair as owners of an Ohio Bicentennial Farm.

Founder Daniel Collett and his wife, Mary Haines Collett, a Quaker, moved from northern Virginia to Ohio because of its status as a slave-free state. In 1814, Daniel and Mary purchased 2,350 acres of land in Chester and Adams Townships, land that today is split by Interstate 71. Their original log cabin is preserved at historic Pioneer Village on Caesars Creek.

In 1926, William Doster, along with his parents and brother, purchased 204 acres of the original Collett land from their cousins. Today, Daniel Collett’s great-great-great grandchildren, siblings Howard, Robert and John Doster and Jane Strecker, own some of the original Collett land.

This year, the Dosters will attend the 150th Collett-McKay Picnic northwest of Wilmington. In the 1820s, four children of Moses & Abigail McKay married four Collett children. Several family members joined the Union Army during the Civil War. After the war, the family held a picnic on the second Saturday in August 1866, partly to see who returned from the fighting. The 4-acre picnic site is part of the 1,000 acres Moses McKay bought from surveyor National Massie in 1805, along with adjoining ground. Some of this ground is still farmed by Doster cousins today.

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