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Posted by on Feb 11, 2014 in Ohio Agricultural History | 1 comment

Chenoweth Family: 200 Years of Growth in Ross County

Chenoweth Family: 200 Years of Growth in Ross County


In 1798, White Brown and his son-in-law Rev. Stephen Timmons traveled from the state of Delaware to explore the Scioto Valley region. Satisfied with the land that he found, part of White’s household packed up and moved to Ross County in 1801 and the rest arrived in 1802. A tent and wagon were used to house the family until the completion of a three-room log cabin.

White Brown was a surveyor, and completed several Virginia Military Surveys between 1810 and 1816. He had founded an early Methodist church in Delaware, Brown’s Chapel in Sussex County, which was built on land from his farm. The first service for the Ross County Brown’s Chapel was held in White’s home in 1802, and land from his farm was again used to build the church structure.  Both churches are still active today.

The log cabin underwent many changes over time, and is today used as the family home. Some of the original logs with bark were uncovered during a remodeling  project in 2001.

Today, the farm is 486 acres, owned by Eleanor Chenoweth and her sons, Ralph and Chip. They are a fulltime farming family and own additional acreage in Ross, Pickaway and Madison counties. The Chenoweth family has provided the area with several public servants, including Eleanor’s grandfather, Frank Allison Brown, a state representative in the 1920s; Eleanor’s father, Ralph Peck Stitt, a Ross County Commissioner in the 1950s; and Chip, a Deerfield Township Trustee.

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