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Posted by on Jul 29, 2014 in Ohio Agricultural History | 0 comments

Centuries of History and Growth

Centuries of History and Growth

Two Ohio Bicentennial Farm families were recognized at their county fairs last week by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. Congratulations to the Elliott family, Knox County, and the Garner family, Butler County, for 200 years on their farms.


Charles Elliott lived in Washington County, PA before settling in Ohio, with his wife, Jane Lee Elliott, and their five boys and three girls. Charles received a patent deed from President James Madison for 160 acres in Harrison Township in 1814. The farm would pass to Charles’ son, William, then down through succeeding generations of the family.

A new barn was constructed in 1878 and the home in 1882 from native oak growing on the farm. Both structures had additions made to them over time, and are used by the Elliott family today.

The farm was acquired by Charles and Jeannette Elliott in 1965. Their sons, Ronald and Robert, are the seventh generation of the family to own the farm. Today, the Elliott farm is 450 acres. Their dairy is 150 milk cows plus 100 replacements, and they grow alfalfa, corn, soybeans, and wheat. Banner photo: Elliott Farm, Knox County.


Henry Garner received a patent land grant from President Thomas Jefferson in 1808 for land in ReilyTownship. Henry also worked as a blacksmith. Henry’s son, Samuel, was the second in the family line to own the farm. Over time, the farm passed from Garner father to son for seven generations.

Dale Garner, who is the sixth-generation owner, was a 4-H leader for 34 years. The family is also involved with the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association and the Talawanda FFA Chapter. The Garner farm is currently owned by Dale and his wife, Marilyn, children and seventh-generation family members: son Jim and his wife Luann, daughter Becky and daughter Susan and her husband Julian.  Representing the eighth-generation is Jim’s son, Austin. Fifth-generation family member Hattie Immel provided much of the information needed to register their farm as an Ohio Bicentennial Farm.

Today the farm is 194 acres used to raise beef cattle, and grow corn, soybeans, wheat and hay.


Garner Farm, Butler County


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