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Posted by on Aug 19, 2014 in Ohio Agricultural History | 0 comments

Carnahans Celebrate 200 Years of Family, Farm

Carnahans Celebrate 200 Years of Family, Farm


Ohio Agriculture Director David Daniels attended the Jefferson County Fair last week to honor Don and Elizabeth Carnahan for owning an Ohio Bicentennial Farm.

For the family, it all started with an 1812 deed from President James Madison to James Andrews for land in the Yellow Creek Valley area. James and his wife Margaret built a cabin in 1815 and a barn in the 1820s. Both structures remain standing today, and the farm continues in the family.

Great grand-daughter Eula Householder grew up in the same home James Andrews had built 100 years before, although overtime it had changed from a four-room cabin to a two-story home. Eula married Hershel Carnahan in 1932, and they took over farm ownership in 1953. It was common to see Hershel driving his Farmall tractor with Eula standing on the draw bar behind him.

Eula’s grandson, Donald Carnahan, Jr., and his wife Elizabeth now own and operate the farm. Along with his father, Donald Sr., Aunts Esther and Betty, and Uncle Dave, the family owns a combined 420 acres, 135 from the original purchase in Knox Township.

Farm founder James Andrews is the great-great-great grandfather of Don Jr., who is the sixth owner in the family line. The farm continues to be used for Black Angus and Hereford beef cattle, timber, hay and maple syrup.

Banner photo: Ohio Agriculture Director David Daniels (right) presents a Bicentennial Farm certificate to Don and Elizabeth Carnahan.



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