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Posted by on Oct 8, 2014 in Ohio Agricultural History | 0 comments

Branching Out in Coshocton County

Branching Out in Coshocton County


Coshocton County Recorder Susan Turner wanted to honor her county’s Ohio Bicentennial and Century Farms. What could she do to help shine the spotlight on these families?

Knowing it was time to get her office painted, Susan decided to add a unique focal point. Two Coshocton High School seniors tapped into their artistic talents to draw a tree freehand on a central wall, creating a display to highlight the farms.

Susan contacted each of the county’s 12 historic farm families, asking for a photo of each farm. Each picture found a place of honor on one of the tree’s many branches. The families then enjoyed an open house, hosted by Susan, to unveil the artwork.

The Coshocton County historic farm families are: James & Wendy Schumaker (1811); Herald Steven Mizer (1816); Raymond Pew (1818); John Lowe (1821); Gail Williamson (1823); Dale & Mary Hamilton (1828); Kirk Scheurman (1831); Craig Powell (1832); Mark Utley (1832); Adrian Garber (1840); Daniel & Marilyn Hothem (1871); and Alice Moore (1881).

Thank you, Susan, for honoring these long-held family farms.

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