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Posted by on Nov 19, 2013 in Ohio Agricultural History | 3 comments

Bailey Family Continues Farm Tradition in Preble County

Bailey Family Continues Farm Tradition in Preble County


After the Revolutionary War, Henry Bozworth received a patent land grant for his service to the country. The patent was later registered in the Cincinnati Land Office in the early 1800s.

Henry’s great granddaughter, Estella Bozworth, married Levi Campbell and they acquired the farm. Levi was a prominent livestock and grain farmer and a Jackson Township Trustee.

An 11’ tall rock formation sat in a field behind the family home. At age 10, Robert Campbell tried to dig it up with his grandfather, Levi. When digging failed, they decided to try dynamite – until Estella heard about their plans. Thinking the rock was too close to the home for dynamite, she put a stop to their efforts. The rock stayed in place until 2001, when Estella’s great-great grandson, Steve Bailey, used equipment to move it into a scenic location on the farm.

Steve Bailey acquired the farm in 2003. The family’s 120-acre farm is used to produce wheat, corn, and soybeans.



The Bailey Family was congratulated by ODA Deputy Director John Schlichter (right) during an event at the Preble County Fair on Aug. 2, 2013.


  1. i just watched American pickers can any one take a tour to see the land?

    • There are some farms that have open hours for public visits as part of their operations to educate visitors; however, I don’t believe that is the case with this farm.

  2. Just saw you on American Pickers An interesting show and story of you great great great great etc.

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