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Posted by on May 13, 2014 in Ohio Agricultural History | 0 comments

A Tale of Two Farms – Part One

A Tale of Two Farms – Part One


Part One

The end of April brought in two new Ohio Century Farm registrations from James and Elaine Milbrodt of Ottawa County. While both farms are located in Harris Township, each has its own distinct history, with one farm passed down through Elaine’s family, one through James’.

Both registrations were well-documented with family history and photos.

The Beck Farm

Elaine’s family farm began in 1864, when her great-great-grandfather, Frederick Strauch, purchased 80 acres. Finding rock in the southeast corner, he dug a quarry with a home-made tractor called the “buckabuck” by Elaine’s mother. It had a gas engine, three steel wheels, and a buzz saw in the back. Frederick used the tractor with a large belt to run a stone crusher, and the resulting product was used on area roads.For Blog

Frederick and his brother, Phillip, built a log house and dug a well. The well remains today, although the house was replaced with a new structure in 1903. Frederick’s farm is now called the “Beck Farm” after Elaine’s grandparents, Fred and Hilda Beck.

We welcome James and Elaine and their Beck Farm into the Ohio Century Farm program.

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